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These are not the things that define you, but the life you gain through them will.

Paul Nicol - Personal Trainer

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Posture Correction - Weight Loss & Body Composition - Functional Movement - Strength Training



Life happens and on that journey we typically accumulate 'physical baggage'. 

In my case a severe back injury from a backcountry skiing accident, 20+ years of sitting at a desk, long commutes in a car..... 

Several years' ago I decided that age was a number but fitness and  functionality were a began my journey to improve my quality of life and leisure.

Now I have taken a change of direction in my profession to guide and train others.


Posture – A car with a bent chassis doesn’t handle well, wears its suspension and other components out and is dangerous. Our bodies are no different. We need to be able to move and maintain good posture. Having good posture and being able to move and maintain that, make everyday activities such as walking, running, office work, standing over a bench, much less tiresome. It reduces the load on your lower back, it’s easier on your knees and gets rid of neck tension from slouching shoulders. Not to mention you walk taller and broader.


Functional – To me, functional fitness is about gaining, maintaining and growing movement, balance and dynamism that allows you to do more of what you like. That could be skiing, tennis, walking, hiking, gardening, sailing, mountain biking, etc or just training because you like training. For example, my no.1 thing is backcountry skiing. I train to get strong and stay functional in a way that complements and adds to my skiing performance.


Strength – Very practical, very necessary and should in no way have any preconceived gender associations! The strength to move how and what you want adds to your quality of life. That’s across the board manifesting in your recreation, work with the strength training component being the journey and easily quantified metrics.


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A free personal assessment and plan is the first step to delivering on your goals and aspirations.

There are no 'cookie cutter' weight loss, strength, core programming, everything is personalised to you based on where you are starting from and where you want to go.

Free consultation to discuss your goals and assessment to provide you with a planned pathway.
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